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inspiring words, the power of words.

Be Remarkable!

The Power of Words Can Make Us Or Break Us.

Inspiring words come from inspired minds who cultivate that inspiration by surrounding themselves with positive visual ques to motivate and uplift them.  What we see each day is always subconsciously recorded and outwardly expressed by us. A strong spirit, positive outlook and worthy purpose increases the power of our words.

Words visibly shape our reality.

Words really do act as triggers to our subconscious to get the right things moving.

Words offer us the route to wisdom.

Words catapult us out of bad moods and a rigid way of thinking and boost our morale.

Words bring hope amongst a sea of despair.

Words offer us the chance to be more and do more.

Words provide life lessons as we observe our surroundings and others and form impressions from role models either present or those who have gone before.

Words carry a vibration that either unites or destroys, uplifts or deflates and connects or divides.

We have quotes for everything these days, inspiring words that help us to love, laugh, learn ,find balance, harmony and peace and verify what we believe to be true. Inspiring words awaken us to get moving and applying what we know in a constructive and positive way and that’s why I love a great quote.  We live in a distracted world with time pressures but we  can all find the time to read an inspiring quote or two.

From a personal development perspective, positive thoughts are not enough, there must be positive feelings and actions and inspiring words  help us build the associated feelings that drive our intentions and courage to act. They act as doorways to open us up to that deeper all knowing and loving self . So with this in mind we’ll be sharing a few of our favourite inspiring words, quotes  and stories  here over the coming weeks and will begin with a focus on the first aspect of unstoppable people ;

Unstoppable people devote focused energy, intention and action to their true calling and purpose.

Inspiring Words before battle;


Inspiring Words on Fulfilling Your Dream

Max Ross told his son Steve: “In life there are those who work all day, those who dream all day and

those who spend an hour dreaming before setting to work to fulfil those dreams. Go into the third

category because there’s virtually no competition”.

Source: Once Upon A Lifetime-The Extraordinary Story of The New York Cosmos by Gavin Newsham

Inspiring words on Winning ;

 Inspiring Words Regarding The Importance of  Purpose-The Bricklayers

 Hundreds of years ago, a traveller, who was walking through the countryside, came across three men who were laying bricks.

He asked the first man what he was doing.

“I’m laying bricks” was the reply.

“I’m earning money” said the second.

The third man was different. He stood up straight, lifted his head upwards with a big beaming smile and said, “I’m building a cathedral, and one day, when’s it’s finished, I’ll show my children round it and explain my role in creating this magnificent structure.”

Are you living your purpose yet? …….If not ,why not?

Drop us a comment below we’d love to hear what inspires you in your work and your favourite quotes and stories. If you’ve enjoyed this, as always , we’d be grateful if you could share with others and be sure to subscribe here for more unstoppable personal development tips and tricks because our passion and purpose is inspiring you to be all you can be.




















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