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I offer a range of programmes for individuals such as business owners and corporate leaders who just want to work with colour to enhance their own self- discovery and personal development journey and grow their businesses and enhance their career potential through to artists/ holistic coaches/healers and therapists who are committed to integrating the colour system into their own  creative or holistic practice.

Colour Practitioner Programme

This might be for you if:

  • You are looking for the missing piece of the jigsaw when it comes to feeling authentically aligned and successful and you’re finally ready to listen to the messages of your souls.
  • You are open to learning more about the psychology of colour and how it can help your personal, business and spiritual development, thereby aiding others too.
  • You want transformation and sustainable lasting results, more happiness, improved health and balance, creative flow, abundance in all aspects of your life.
  • You want to let go of stress, anxiety, addictions of any kind or any inner conflict and negative emotions that hold you back from experiencing an extraordinary life.


Course Content

  • A 4 month programme of learning (remembering), insights, shifting negative beliefs, positivity (law of attraction), synchronicity and most of all, fun with colour!
  • Delve into the messages and vibrations that each colour transmits.
  • Take part in colour meditations, receive colour readings and connect with the colour bottles.
  • Immerse yourself in the colour and experience what each colour has to bring.
  • Clear away anything that keeps you small and living in fear.
  • Learn how to give colour readings.
  • Tune into following your own intuition and instincts.
  • Get comfortable being totally visible in the world as you follow your own unique soul journey.
  • Make every day full of joy, magic, gratitude and abundance.
  • Enlighten yourself.
  • Use colour in your business practice or personally for a fun, insightful and inspiring journey of transformation.

Personal transformation doesn’t have to be painful or draining when you know how to interpret the gap between your results and your behaviour. Colour provides a key and a doorway to unlock all of your potential.


Course Programme –What can I expect?

4 Weekends over a 4 month period with the final part 4 incorporating an additional day to facilitate and incorporate business set-up and know-how.



£1100 to include course material and all refreshments throughout the programme. Lunch is payable separately at approximately £15 per day. £50 deposit to secure your place on each part of the programme. The difference payable at the time of the event. Payments can be made individually in small installments for each part of the programme.

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Numerology and Colour

Would you like to learn more about vibration and how colour links to numerology in this fascinating workshop?

You don’t need to be a colour practitioner to discover more about your own unique energy blueprint and what you came here to do.

See your name and date of birth in colour and understand more about your own particular life lessons.

See your business name in colour to gain insights as to the vibration you are sending out to your customers.

See whether your current career and profession is aligned with who you really are.


This is a one day workshop priced at £150 to include refreshments on the day though lunch is payable separately on the day at approximately £15.

£50 deposit to secure place. The difference payable at the time of the event.

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Expansion Through Colour Workshops

Would you like to experience inspiration, connection and uncover more aspects of yourself?

Maybe you'd like to attract more abundance in your life and finally breakthrough all those self- defeating habits that are keeping you stuck.

What you can expect:

This 2 day programme is for anyone who would like to explore the psychology and power of colour for their own personal growth and transformation. No prior knowledge of working with colour is necessary.This 2 day programme is a foundation workshop if you are interested in becoming a practitioner.

You will receive personal readings to help you uncover blocks to your potential.

Experience powerful meditations, exercises and chakra work designed to support healing, lift blocks and aid spiritual growth.

Play, explore and discover your own connection with colour in a small intimate group and safe and sacred space.


The price of this workshop is £250 to include all refreshments each day though lunch is payable separately at approximately £15 per day. £50 deposit to secure place. The difference payable at the time of the event.

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Group Sessions/Talks

I can customise talks and sessions to accommodate particular interest groups or companies looking to work at a deep level with leadership teams or purely to experience a fun ,insightful and informative session with colour and improve success levels in business and in life.

Group work can be highly effective at identifying issues within a team without disclosing personal issues. An entire group benefits from each individual member’s clearing work because at some level the patterns will apply to everyone within the core group.

If you would like to discuss the idea of creating a workshop based around a specific focus, for example, defining your vision, establishing core values, building creativity then please email or phone me to discuss content and price.

Personal Readings

One to one sessions can be delivered over Skype or face to face, allowing you to work on any aspect that is holding you back in life.

Please be aware that whatever form of treatment you decide upon this work is not intended to replace any medical advice or intervention. You are responsible for any physical and/or emotional well-being during and after any session.


These sessions are priced at £75 per hour and £37.50 for 30 minutes . Please change the quantity in the cart to the number of hours required.

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