Career/Lifestyle Coaching Programme

Knowing what’s good for us and taking the right action are two different things. If you are in a hurry, see our product list now.

Fear paralyses like nothing else and we form excuses to justify why we fail to move in the direction we really want to go.

That’s just the reptilian brain putting psychological barriers in our way, doing what it’s always done, trying to keep us safe.

But being safe keeps us small and doesn’t deliver the leap we’re looking for or the satisfaction we crave.

But what if you had a step by step simple process to follow and a supportive, sympathetic, understanding and guiding hand on the journey championing you to succeed in every aspect of your life.

Someone who’s been where you’re trying to get to, someone who knows all the tricks and excuses and someone who believes that we’re all a constant work in progress!

Personal growth doesn’t need to be painful. With a 13 year track record in talent acquisition I know a thing or two about , career management,personal development, business coaching and mentoring along with over 8 years of running my own gig.

We promise to make every day a peak experience.

These days I’m living my purpose, energising and inspiring YOU to shine your brilliance from the inside out.


So how can we help?

  • Identify your natural talents, gifts and values and assist you in finding the right career for you.
  • Assist you in finding your life purpose and crafting your personal vision.
  • Develop an abundance mindset to create a healthy body, a positive mind, an optimistic spirit and a wealthy life.
  • Uncover your intrinsic motivators and unlimited self so you don’t have to rely purely on will power alone.
  • Hone your intuition, revitalise your energy and free you from self limiting constraints.
  • Build your courage to take inspired action.
  • Coach you on how to be effective not just efficient and spend the time doing what matters.
  • Educate you on how to integrate your work with your life and identify business opportunities that focus on your talents.


It comes down to these 5 things- clarity, vision, focus, intention and action.


Online Products & Services Only

The E-product 18 week programme is set as a standard programme but should you opt to upgrade to silver or gold giving you the add-on of coaching hours we can tailor coaching to your specific needs whilst you follow along with the programme.

Bronze Silver Gold
18 Week Online Programme Yes Yes Yes
Motivational Assessment No Yes Yes
Coaching Call Intensives 1 4 9
Price £39.99 £839.99 £1839.99
Early bird discount: £1379.99
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Coaching Services

A tailor made bespoke solution to suit your specific needs. The best option is to take advantage of our block of 3x 2 hours each coaching package which qualifies for a 20% discount, alternatively you can pay as you go.

Motivational Map Assessment Bespoke Coaching Sessions Breakthroughs – Coaching Day Intensives
Motivational Assessment Yes No Yes
Session Length 1 hour 3 x 2 hours 7 – 10 hours
Price £200 £1,000 Stage 1 – £500.
Stage 2 – £500.
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