Colour Mirrors Oils

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A powerful intuitive transformational tool for personal development and growth
  • Colour analysis that bypasses your conscious thought process.
  • Assists you in releasing old outdated patterns and subconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck in an old way of being related to your belief and self-worth patterns.
  • Re-connects you to your unlimited self and full potential.
  • Can help you gain clarity with life direction, aid career choices as well as hitting personal goals such as overcoming weight issues & addictive behaviours.
  • Provides deep insights for identifying your life purpose and shifting your vibration.
  • Provides support for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues aiding the release of stress and negative emotions.
  • Supports you in attracting and creating what you most desire in your life.
How does it work?

It is essentially an energy system as colour itself is vibration and we are also energy vibration so it interacts directly with our own energy helping to stabilise on many different levels by magnifying and amplifying what's getting in the way of your progress. Each bottle acts like a mirror reflecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Colour therapy is not new, it is an ancient technique that was applied in Ancient Egypt, Greece, India and China in years past. For the ancients, light was seen as sustaining life and all the functions and processes of living things. En-lightenment was therefore, synonymous with health in the literal sense of wholeness, mind, body and spirit. We each respond to colours that resonate at similar frequencies to ourselves. This matching vibration is what will draw us to select a particular colour at a particular point in time. The bottles and sprays contain natural colouring, flower and plant essences, purified water and essential oils which are crystal activated.

Each bottle has its very own meaning and vibration and will actively re-programme the water in your body and around the cells. Your choice of bottle will reveal information, insights and understanding about yourself, your life and your choices.

Shifting emotional patterns

The colour Mirrors essences and oils can shift out even the most deeply rooted, resistant and stubborn thought patterns and behaviours such as "I don't deserve success" or "I'm not good enough" which frequently manifest in addictive tendencies such as excessive drinking/drug-taking, over-eating and perfectionist tendencies all of which mask emotional issues or attract unfulfilling relationships, sabotaging our lives and creating many self -limiting belief patterns.

Such patterns are handed down generation to generation and we end up forgetting who we are and what we came here to do.

Colour and other therapies

Colour therapy will amplify all practices and works particularly well with psychology and counselling, complementary therapies such as reiki, reflexology, and kinesiology and will support numerology and astrology. It however, is also an excellent addition to facilitate business growth and transformational change work.

Choose a bottle from the range by clicking on the image which will then take you to the complete range. See which bottle you are drawn to then phone me or email me for a free reading on your selection.

Essential Dual Coloured Oils

These can be used in your bath over a period of time (approximately 3 weeks) though you'll benefit by simply holding the bottle, meditating with it and using it as an essential oil.


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