A Dozen Daily Habits Worth Cultivating.

 12 Effective Daily Habits That Will Bring You Closer To Realising Your Dreams.

Daily habits take effort and attention. Just recently my life has gotten a little off balance which has got me thinking about how I ‘ve been using my energy and my time.  At the end of the year as we prepare to think about what we want from the coming year there is no better moment to start reflecting on what works and what doesn’t and cultivating some worthwhile daily habits and disciplines.

Here is my revised  daily habits and disciplines list;

1. Rise Early.

daily habits

Kick starting your day early carries many benefits, the ideal time to find some peace and solitude to meditate, work on yourself, compose your daily list of tasks and set your intentions. The thing is, you’ve got to want to get out of bed when its dark, cold and bleak outside and for that you need a good compelling reason, you need some purpose to your day and your work.




2. Inspire Yourself First.

We are all inspired in different ways, for me, a morning walk across the fields and down the lane where I live is enough to connect me to mother nature and take stock of the change all around me. For others it might be listening to a great piece of music or reading empowering blog posts that get you revved up and thinking about your life and which direction you want to take it. When we are inspired with life then we’re in an ideal position to inspire others.





3. Imagine Your Perfect Day.

A simple discipline that if completed daily can have you altogether happier and more effective. Its a mindful approach that has you avoiding being urgent at the expense of what’s important to you. What are you doing and who are you spending time with?

When we invest the time to activate our imaginations and really get into the associated feelings of the pictures and sounds we cultivate in our minds then we can really begin to reduce the time it takes to realise our desires. Of course, action is necessary but Imagination is far more important than experience.

4. Acknowledge and Compliment Others.


When we focus on what others do well and acknowledge them for their efforts it has an extremely positive impact on us. So take the time to notice your surroundings, observe people in action, a simple smile and a warm greeting costs nothing yet speaks volumes.




5. Eat Well.


As the famous saying goes, breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Often I find myself getting this completely the wrong way round yet applying this daily habit will give you the energy you need without piling on the pounds in the process.



6. Take Some Form of Exercise.


I have never been a great exerciser even though I realise its a fantastic way of building stamina and keeping you fit whilst setting you up for the day. Exercise carries numerous benefits from an enhanced mood, improved suppleness and flexibility, to increased mental acuity and alertness throughout the day. If you’re not the gym type then perhaps a regular yoga or tai chi class might appeal more.




7. Stretch Yourself.



As humans we all need to be challenged and making some kind of progress to feel good about ourselves. So if you’re work has lost its sparkle then consider whether taking up a new hobby or learning a foreign language might be an ideal way of stretching your mind.



8. Create Some Worthwhile Goals.


Personally I set myself a dozen or so goals every year which I tick off as I progress throughout the year. They range from damn right challenging to ‘nice to do’ which might include places to visit, new restaurants to try etc and I mix these up to balance pursuit of the more challenging ones with celebrations of accomplishments at the nice to do places.



9. Extend Your Network.


We all get complacent and comfy with the familiar and predictable yet extending our network offers new unexplored options and opportunities that make life rich, adventurous and exciting so reach out to those you don’t yet know but whom you’d love to have within your circle of acquaintances and keep building the framework of quality connections.





10.Stay Curious and Follow Your Spirit.

If life becomes too monotonous then we get stale and it becomes harder to adapt, adjust and change our approach. So embrace play and spontaneity in your day and alert to looking beyond the obvious.We create our exterior world by the way we think and feel on the inside so it pays to cultivate your dreams and uplift your spirit rather than chastising and criticising your every action.






11. Don’t Let Technology Manage You.


I love the Internet and the many possibilities it opens up for people, after all , I work online principally, but I don’t let emails, social media and mobile messages rule me and my agenda. They’re a time suck and energy drain so you need to be constantly vigilant as to how much time you’re investing in these pursuits verses where else you want to put your time and focus such as family and close friends.




12. Rehydrate,Replenish and Be Grateful.


For ultimate self care and balance we need to drink plenty of water throughout the day and get regular unbroken rest and recuperation. Many people suffer from poor sleep patterns which plays havoc with our productivity and general well-being. When we sleep well we’ve a greater chance of regulating our weight and maintaining a more stress free existence . Nothing keeps our vibration higher than being grateful for what we have in life. In this state we’re focusing on all the positive aspects rather than lack and scarcity and there is nothing better, in my opinion, to practise just before settling down for the night.




That’s my list, how about you, what daily habits do you cultivate that keep you tip top and which ones would you like to add to your list?



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