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Have you ever stopped to consider whether you may have taken a wrong turn in your life?


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Somehow you’ve achieved everything you set out to do but intuitively you know that there is something missing. You have all the trappings of success but deep down you’re still searching and your spirit is craving attention. You fill your days with permanent busyness and the work life balance is all wrong. You have fallen into the trap of defining yourself by what you do, all very superficial.

You enjoy success but feel like the world’s biggest fraud!

I can relate. I was once there myself. The busy corporate executive stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled yearning to use my creative talents and to spread my wings and liberate myself from the constraints, petty politics, ego’s and disappointments of working in the corporate world.

Winning doesn’t have to mean losing out in life.

If you really want to transform your life, to seek the peace and fulfilment that you are looking for then you need to be inner rather than externally directed.
Real happiness is very much about living in the moment, a difficult undertaking for the majority of us who lead or have led such busy lives. It is about evolving and growing as a person guided from within to follow what we value the most, as opposed to what others expect of us.

When we can tap into this inner power we’re well placed to make a career transition, shift perspective and begin stepping into our brilliance.

People notice something a difference about us, our presence, our wisdom and perhaps a twinkle in the eye from having realised the truth!

I decided to align my actions with what unstoppable people do;

  1. They devote energy, focused intention and action to their true purpose and calling
  2. They follow their hearts because they recognise that intuitive wisdom always has their best interests at heart.
  3. They believe in themselves and their ideas and have the courage to execute them.
  4. They seek creative solutions.
  5. They are collaborative and know when to ask for support.
  6. They have faith and suspend any doubt, detaching from the outcome.
  7. They take inspired action and focus their efforts accordingly.
  8. They inspire and uplift others around them.
  9. They simply love what they do.
  10. They give service.

These days I get to enjoy the benefit of running my own business and being in complete control of my own destiny but supported by a community of enthusiastic and like-minded professionals who share my values.

Now tell me what could be better?

Don’t survive… thrive and be unstoppable!

Kath Roberts
Life and Career Coach


“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” – Tuli Kupferberg