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What Is Synchronicity?

The best way to explain what synchronicity is is by way of a few examples. Whilst sat at my computer yesterday and structuring this post an amazing thing happened which I think explains beautifully what its all about. The previous day I had been in London meeting up with some old associates and over our discussion a coaching business and personal name of an impressive individual had come up. I explained that the person in question had now set up their own business online and was running on and offline personal development programmes. Anyway, yesterday I received a phone call from someone who wants to quit recruitment and develop a career in learning and  personal development. He was given my name as someone to speak to and get some advise from. Whilst his story was unfolding as to why he wanted to pursue this particular career avenue, he told me he had been inspired by a particular individual and his programme that he had been lucky enough to attend. It was literally a life changing experience for him, the individual in question was the very gentleman, that coach,  I was talking about the previous day. All very coincidental you might assume but made all the more amusing to both of us given the title of my blog post!

Other explanations of what synchronicity is all about is where you find yourself watching a film for instance and it appears to speak directly to you. Perhaps the story unfolding is the answer to the dilemma that you’re currently going through in life. Then you have what can be described as the library angels , that ‘s where you’re in a bookshop or searching online at the Amazon store and find yourself being drawn to a specific title. You purchase it and find the answers to questions or information that you’ve been seeking.

I believe wholeheartedly in synchronicity and find these coincidences  or startling serendipity’s as everyday occurrences but I see nothing coincidental in the experience. In fact, to me, these days, these types of scenarios, where people, events, things unfold in magical ways  are perfectly natural and just an unfolding of the nature and order of the Universe.  Before Descartes, Newton and the advent of modern science people believed that all of nature was a single organism and that everything was connected. Responsiveness to signs from the Universe was a normal part of daily life.

Carl Jung coined the phrase synchronicity to describe what he called ‘ acausal connecting principle’ that links the mind and matter together. He explained that underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that just cannot be explained by cause and effect. The coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event, a dream or a vision, perhaps a premonition of something that happens in the future and  a dream or vision that coincides with an event occurring at a distance.

Jung developed this following a consultation with one particular client. He conveys in his story that he was sitting opposite her one day with his back to the window listening to her rhetoric. The client, had had an impressive dream the night before, in which someone had given her a golden scarab, a costly piece of jewellery. Whilst she was still telling him this dream, Jung heard something behind him gently tapping on the window. He turned around and saw it was a fairly large flying insect that was knocking against the window pane from outside obviously trying to get into the dark room. It seemed strange to Jung. He opened the window and immediately caught the insect in the air as it flew in. It was a scarabaeid beetle,whose gold-green colour resembled that of a golden scarab. He handed the beetle to his client with the words ;

Here is your golden scarab

The experience broke the ice of her intellectual resistance  allowing her to see the interconnection.

Synchronicities, many scientists now explain have a basis in quantum physics and chaos theory. At a deep level, everything , atoms, cells, molecules, plants, animals and people participate in a flowing web of information. Physicists have now proven that if two photons are separated, no matter  by how far, a change in one creates a simultaneous change in the other.

Synchronicities on the surface appear to differ from intuitive capability because synchronicity happens ‘out there’ and somehow the Universe swings into place to randomly answer an inner need we might have whereas intuition is happening inside of us, its that inner knowing which cannot be fathomed in any rational  linear way. Intuition gets us to the answer and it is synchronicities that provides those answers. Both are messages except one is internal and one is external.

The more we can feel a part of all that is around us by slowing down to become present to the moment then the more we are able to engage in a dance of energy and input from all sides.  If you expect the unexpected then synchronicities can  emerge to become a natural part of your world but first you need to be open, receptive and non judgemental. Its all about how we choose to see our world and belief systems will dictate what others attribute the workings of synchronicity to. Many see it merely as luck, or fate and destiny unfolding, some believe its all about karma or miracles.

Many of us, see synchronicities as signs from the Universe which can assist us more consciously  in making better decisions about our lives. We see them as significant occurrences pointing a way forward. Caroline North in her book ‘ The Anatomy of Coincidence’ suggests that synchronicity is like magic unfolding and;

It gives us this sense of hope, and that something bigger is happening out there that we can see which is important in times like this when there are so many reasons for despair

Jung believed that synchronicities were more likely to occur when we are in a highly charged state of emotional and mental awareness, when, in his words, the archetypes, universal images or themes underlying human behaviour are activated. Typically these will be passages of birth or death, falling in and out of love, turning points or personal crisis points, being rescued from danger or when we go travelling. All these types of circumstances bring moments of upheaval that typically push us to greater openness and points in our lives when we can feel more ourselves. During these times of challenge, turmoil and change  our awareness is heightened.


This is really all about being in flow with our lives where we stop trying to be in control. Flow is an effortless natural unfolding of our life in a way that moves us towards wholeness and harmony. As we begin to swim with the tide rather than against it we find we move more easily and smoothly through life and all our stress, uncertainty and struggle begins to fall away as we experience more joy, more happiness and fulfillment as our effectiveness increases. Flow allows us to access all of our full potential.

Flow , intuition and outward synchronicity is really nothing more than than the outward manifestation of our thoughts brought to us by our soul, linking us with others or situations that can serve as meaningful opportunities that we have in fact attracted to us to assist us in getting greater clarity or in aiding our evolvement and development in a particular way. Occasionally, things do not appear as we intuit but this does not necessarily mean that the principles of synchronicity don’t work because we haven’t got our intended result.


Imagine yourself as a radio with multiple frequency bands. On one frequency we have conscious thoughts broadcasting out and on other frequencies we have unconscious and super-conscious thoughts being broadcast. Each attract different responses and it is our own harmony, congruence and inner alignment that brings the focus that can narrow the range of bands upon which we are unconsciously shaping our world. Whether you realise it or not, we are all co-creating our worlds   as we are always emitting energetic impulses  which draw people, situations and events to us. So I encourage you to pay attention to the energy you put out there, to open your eyes and open your hearts and I challenge you to detect those deeper meanings in the new connections  you make or possibilities that you might be drawn to because absolutely everything happens for a reason.

So there you go, if you were drawn to this post, then its no accident. What is there for you to learn here?

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4 thoughts on “What Is Synchronicity And How Do I Access It?

  • Hiten

    Hi Kath,

    This was a very interesting post. It made me think of how I’ve had experiences, which have been different to ‘normal’ everyday experiences. Meditation has helped a lot, as this allows me to become detached from the ego, and when this happens I experience the world with a different energy and consciousness.

  • Steve Rice

    Love watching synchronicity unfold in my life. I loved the examples you gave.

    Much of the time it’s about awareness. These moments can slide by so unnoticed if we are not careful.

    I use synchronicity to remind myself that I”m on the right track and that I am supported by a nurturing universe.

  • Kath Roberts Post author

    Thank you Steve , you’re so right about awareness, we’ve got to stay alert and trust in the process.Certainly makes life more magical in every way!

  • Kath Roberts Post author

    Thanks for your thoughts Hiten, meditation definitely shifts your awareness and expands your consciousness. I know I always feel better and make better choices when I ‘m practising it daily and its a constant struggle to ensure that I find the time but having seen the true value of it I ‘m hooked and better still, it doesn’t cost you a penny.