Career Mistake #3-You’re Been Fired, Now What?

Career Mistakes Can Lead To Breakthroughs

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In this post we give some consideration to what to do if you’ve hit career mistake #3- you’ve been fired and its all  your fault.

This leads on from our series of bouncing back from career mistakes and  if you’re new here you might like to  read lesson 1 and 2 right here;

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Have you ever screwed up in your career to such a large extent that you’ve actually been fired for it?

This might be you right now and if so, fear not, because it doesn’t have to be the end of the road.


Firstly, remember that you’re in great company, according to Anna Wintour, US editor in chief at Vogue,who was fired from Harpers Bazaar earlier in her career ” being sacked was a blessing and the best thing that happened to me because it was a great learning experience”. If J.K. Rowling had never have been sacked from her job as a secretary the world may never have known the awesome blockbusting Harry Potter series and Madonna was also sacked for squirting jam at the customers during an early role at Dunkin Donuts. All these women prove that rejection can actually be rather good for you if you learn how to turn it into something positive.

You may even realise that you’re not cut out to be an employee anymore and getting sacked has actually becomes your wake up call to starting your own business.

Bouncing Back From The Career Mistake-What To Do To Get Back On Track.

1. Refrain From Beating Yourself Up.

It’s perfectly natural when things go wrong to turn to negative self talk , withdraw from your family and friends to mourn your losses and become all defensive about what happened. One of the more graceful things to do is to learn to rise above this and acknowledge your mistake, whether that was a loss of judgement on your part where you made a poor choice at the time or you took a risk and failed miserably, you don’t have to fall into “victim” mode and blame others for what’s happened. The noblest people bounce back from their mistakes when they begin to own them completely and recognise that they are the path to a wiser, more human and braver SELF.

2. Keep Your Spirits Up.

Avoid drowning your sorrows in a bottle and telling everyone who cares to listen how  life as you know it has ended forever and instead begin to focus your attention on great self care by taking regular exercise , eating well and surrounding yourself with a small circle of trusted friends and loved ones who will help you  to heal and forgive yourself . Accept that feelings like being lost, angry, frustrated , out of control, anxious and depressed will be likely possibilities yet taking  regular physical exercise can change your state instantly. Recognise that it takes time to grief your loss and forgive yourself your wrong doing. When you’ve been fired its one of the most challenging set of circumstances you’re likely to face in life and losing hope  at some point is normal. We typically move through grief in 5 stages from loss, denial, anger, bargaining then depression then finally acceptance. so time is completely necessary to get your mojo back and build your confidence level . Time out also helps with deciding upon a decent longer term plan to move forward again.

3. Review Your Finances.

If you’ve been fired its more than likely you’ll have no notice period to help ease your situation and taking the right steps to reduce your overheads whilst you work out a longer term strategy will help calm your mind. Consider whether you will qualify for any kind of benefit or whether you can undertake some short-term freelance work to ease the burden or take on a lodger.

4. Develop A Plan of Action.

Taking action can be a good thing yet reflection time is necessary to absorb the learning’s from an experience like this and to allow you to take stock of what you might want to do next. Such an experience can offer breakthroughs to shifting your thinking and attitudes and might lead to possibilities that you once would never have even dared consider or entertain.For instance, you no longer fear going it alone in developing a business based on your passions or you realise that the sabbatical was long overdue and its now perfect timing. Time out may lead you to the idea of starting over and finding an entirely new career altogether.

If you decide to get back into the employment market;

Firstly, understand what your previous employer is prepared to do regarding employment references as it might not be an automatic no. It maybe that they will limit the information they give to future employers. Most references these days only cover job title and dates employed because many companies and firms are paranoid about any legal issues which might result from a poor reference any way.

Secondly, if you’re intent on finding a new job then workout in advance your response to questions like why you left your old employer. Honesty, however difficult, is always the best policy. Bring it up before they ask at interview that way you’re in control and it doesn’t look like you’re hiding anything. Develop that response with how you have learned from the experience and how it has changed you and your perspective for the better.

Thirdly, avoid getting emotive or slagging off your old boss or employer instead keep the dialogue focused on your talents and skills and why you’re a good fit for the vacancy in question.

Being fired from a role is altogether challenging and never easy yet coming through such an experience can build your resilience  levels leaving you stronger emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The road to ultimate success and authentic happiness is often paved with failure. Unstoppable folk learn how to turn failures into lessons and setbacks into opportunities.

What’s your view on all this, we invite you to share your stories and personal experiences here by dropping us a comment and , as always, we’d be grateful if you’d share.

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