The Best Advice A Girl Can Get When A Career Change Is On The Cards.

Career Changes Can be Transformative

Career Changes can be stressful affairs where we often give in attempting to transition to what we want and fall back on what we know but how significant is knowing how to do stuff more important than being who you’re supposed to and finding a satisfying career that fits with all that?

Perhaps you’re looking to reignite your professional life or maybe you’re in the throes of a career change and would like to transition to an entirely new career but don’t know where to start.

How To Change Your Career With These 5 Simple Steps.

I assist many women right now who have fallen out of love with their work and the answers are never quite so straight-forward as just finding another role so if you are actively searching for something that brings a much greater degree of satisfaction and fulfillment to your professional life then follow these 5 steps;

1. Clarity

Everything starts with getting clear on exactly what  you want, not what your partner or family wants or your boss or what you think you should be doing . The only way to honestly address this question is to take notice of our feelings. When we’re out of alignment with our soul we build resistance in our bodies which often presents itself as restlessness, aching tight muscles, severe exhaustion, memory loss and generally irritable mood swings and feeling weepy. Whilst these symptoms might just be a gentle reminder that you’ve been over doing things and need to relax a little they often reveal tell-tale signs that we’re going against our natural flow. Until we take a step back and begin to observe ourselves and reflect on what’s causing those blocks we typically make poor choices.  Sometimes we end up  just moving companies to find out that the real deep seated issue wasn’t the boss  at all or our frustration with the culture , we’ve just fallen out of love with what we do that no amount of money or time off will get back.

Clarity comes from stopping for a moment to assess what’s really up and and then taking the next step;


  career change, how to change your careerStep Back                                                                            




  2. Vision

When we allow ourselves the luxury of reflection time and dare to look at ourselves honestly in the mirror we begin to ask better questions and in return get the answers we’re looking for. These show up as inspired moments, renewed enthusiasm for our work or clarity in the form of an alternative direction. Vision comes from the heart presented through us in the form of dreams and ideas. So if you’re wrestling with a strong compulsion to quit your career and go back to full-time study or to travel the world then listen to it. The stronger the urge the greater the message from our soul but often we drown out our ideas because we engage our rational minds, coming up with a thousand excuses as to why we shouldn’t follow through.
Excuses are really nothing more than rational lies that we’ve made up to feel better about why we haven’t followed those feelings. Having a clear vision of what you want to do with your life and work is the compass in unfamiliar territory, the rock that stabilises when life falls apart and the star that guides in the dark. When you have vision you believe you can conquer the world but first you need to learn how to direct your focus.

3. Focus

career change, how to change your career, career changes   Focus is a rare quality in our manic world but is absolutely essential for achieving anything of merit. Changing careers takes guts, effort and bag loads of resilience. You need to stay focused with your objectives when all the odds are stacked against you and when everyone tells you why it’s impossible to be successful without the right skills, qualifications, contacts etc. Without focus you’re out in the wilderness and you’ll shrivel up eventually and quit but when we have a burning vision to be something along with crystal clear clarity why we want to be that person we gain the ability to focus our efforts accordingly to do something we desire.

4. Intention

career change, how to change your careerNow its about directing your focus in a purposeful way and that’s all about intention. When we intend to believe in our dreams and our vision for our futures there is more force behind the possibility of it coming into fruition. Our effort is more concentrated and has a certain intense quality to it. We don’t take notice of the rejections, the disappointments or the put-downs we just keep going on until we meet with success. Intention is higher-consciousness thought. We use the higher mind and are not constrained by limitations or looking for certain outcomes. When we hold an intent, we call forth the awareness of the Universe and all its intelligence to assist us.

When you’re intentional you’re always optimistic of a result , however, it comes even if the actual outcome is not exactly what you may have been looking for. Having an intention is empty unless its accompanied by faith. It is this faith that powers up the entire process and that’s why many searching for a more fulfilling working life give up too soon because they don’t quite trust themselves or have the wider faith that all  will work out in the end.


5. Action.

career change, how to change your career  Being inspired and intentional is one thing but unless you begin to do something about it, by acting on your intuition and the call towards something better nothing will ever change. Here’s where many people are, they get lost in whining about how dire their work is and gossiping about what’s wrong with the firm or business they work for but never quite gathering enough energy and momentum to do what they really want. Instead they worry about the unknown, the difficulties and find all the reasons under the sun to stay put and put up with a less than satisfactory existence.

Action is our ‘get out of jail free’ card because when we’re acting on our highest vision we’re pushing past our  deepest fears and self limiting beliefs that keep us stuck  in an old way of being.

When we’re taking the action we’re infused with enthusiasm and joy again for what might be and we’re challenged to be better. Of course, we don’t need to change our career to find ourselves agaain but often it’s the cataylst to an even bigger better and bolder version of YOU!

The reward of our work is not what we get but what we become.

Paulo Coelho

So if you’re one of the many out there considering a career transition and yearning for something new consider whether its possible to find greater meaning in what you do first and whether you can actually be all of what you’re capable of by doing what you’re doing before taking the plunge but whatever you decide,stay on your game,focus your efforts on what you enjoy and what brings you joy, get outside of your comfort zone and surround yourself with people who can teach you stuff.

If its transition that you’re after in your work then get in touch and we’ll have you living your purpose in no time.

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